Saturday, July 28, 2012

CASE: The State of Georgia vs. George Sweeney (Part One)

Currently in the city of Atlanta, sweating like there's no tomorrow. I don't know how hot it is here, but I do know the AC is busted in the jail and so it's hotter than Hell.

I have the file on the proxy who was arrested. His name is George Sweeney and he goes by the proxy-name "Sweeney Todd." Yeah, you can guess what his favorite weapon is (it's the straight razor, for those who don't know pop culture). However, he was not arrested for killing with his straight razor, but rather with a beer bottle.

Yes, this case takes place at another bar. Inside a bar, this time. Apparently, Sweeney and a runner got into a bar brawl and Sweeney knocked him over the head with a bottle. Unlike in the movies, where bottles instantly shatter, this bottle had the effect of cracking the runner's skull and killing him.

The only reason that Sweeney was arrested for voluntary manslaughter and not murder was that there were witnesses that said the runner started the fight.

Oh, and you may be asking yourself why Sweeney didn't use the Path of Black Leaves to escape the authorities or even use the Path to escape his jail cell. (Heck, you may have wondered why Hexxus didn't use the path to escape, either.)

This may come as a shock to some of you, but not all proxies can use the Path. In fact, I'd say that most proxies can't use the Path - it's only the more important ones that can use it and they tend to allow others to travel on it. So all those blogs where random proxies use the Path of Black Leaves -- well, either they are very lucky or they are lying in order to make themselves seem more important. Most proxies just use cars like normal people.

I'm tired and it's hot right now, so I'll leave off what happened with Sweeney until I'm in a place with better air conditioning.


  1. Got a quick question for you Phoenix Wright. Why did you make a blog to talk about your legal adventures?
    OH, and... Do you have a Soul? I hear you guys lose those in Law School. Does that mean you can't die? What's your favorite color? Does the lack of a soul mean you don't worship Father?

    1. Is that supposed to be an insult, calling me Phoenix Wright? Because Phoenix Wright won all of his cases.

      Also, as for your questions: I made a blog for the same reason others make blogs (I was bored); I have a soul (I keep it in the study); I can totally die (and tie-die, too); green; and I worship the Father, I just also legally represent his minions.

    2. An insult? No, No. Just a nickname for you.
      Cool. Thank You for answering the questions.

    3. Uh, Phoenix Wright kind of lost at least one of his cases. Matt Engarde was found guilty.

      You know. The one who WAS.

      You your clients.